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Anonymous;Code Update #7 – Vatican Hacker Agent, The Third Secret of Fátima & The Gaudi Code

A little late of an update this time, I was rather busy the last week. But, better late than never, translations below:


David Jesue & Rosario Rossallini – Vatican Hacker Agents

Rosario and David are hacker agents dispatched by the Vatican; the Catholic Church HQ. They’re in Japan searching for the whereabouts of the Lead Programmer who had gone missing from the Vatican. Calm, collected, and religiously zealous to a fault; they aren’t just capable hackers, they’re professional assassins as well.


The Third Secret of Fátima & The Gaudi Code

The story goes that in 1917, a small village in Portugal was blessed by an Oracle who imparted Three Secrets upon the people. But the “Third Prophecy” was censored by the Vatican and is believed by some to have never truly been made public due to the shocking revelations contained within.
Not only that, but there is also the mystery behind the Magic Square found at Gaudi’s Sagrada Família, which was set for completion by the year 2026.
Much like the Arecibo Message, these urban legends will find themselves integral to the secrets behind Anonymous;Code.

That’s all for now, I’ll try to be faster with the next update when it releases.

– Steiner


Anonymous;Code Update #5 – GAI Computer Corporation and The Supercomputer “GAIA”



GAI Computer Corporation

An organization with influence spanning the globe,  GAI Computer Corporation is a company with a solid foundation of scientific and technological development.
The group is working on the development of the GAI Computer “GAIA”, with the prodigal boy genius hacker ASUMA (Soga Asuma) at the heart of the project.
Asuma’s two subordinates; Ewan Okuda and Graham Kingley, are currently in Nakano City with the intention to find and capture a “certain someone”.



The GAI Computer Corporation developed their Earth Simulator “GAIA” to track things such as fluctuation in weather patterns and activity of the Earth’s crust, ultimately it was a tool designed to predict the future of the Earth itself.
The digitized Earth within this simulator is said to be completely accurate down to the smallest detail. However, as our story begins, progress on the simulator has been put on hold due to the events of the Sad Morning.

That’s all for now, but there’ll undoubtedly be another update soon.

– Steiner

Anonymous;Code Update #2 – BMI & The Ghost

The Anonymous;Code Website has once again updated with some new details.
Translations below:


Brain-Machine Interface

Digital Information Technology that connects directly to the user’s neural network.
It is used by piercing an electrode known as the “Carrier Node” around the top of one’s ear. Doing this allows the user to directly interface with digital technology in their vicinity. As of the year 2037, such technology is commonplace. Pollon and his gang make use of this technology for gathering real-time information and hacking.


Saionji Juno

Known as “The Ghost”.
Master of elusion, she’s among the highest ranked hackers on Earth. She’s undetectable.

That’s all for now, there’ll likely be more soon.
– Steiner

Anonymous;Code Update

The Anonymous;Code Website updated with a little more new information today, I’ll post and translate below.


The Arecibo Message

In 1974, the Arecibo Message was sent into space via radio-waves from the Arecibo Observatory. It is a basic message denoting the lives and actions of mankind, and it is said to be easily decipherable by any sufficiently advanced life-form. Though it was sent in the hopes of discovering alien life, the Arecibo Message is an instrumental piece of the puzzle behind uncovering the secrets of Anonymous;Code’s world.


Momo Early Design


Pollon Early Design


Cross Early Design


Yumikawa Cross

Yumikawa Cross –
Pollon’s best friend and a member of the “Crow” biker gang.
Headstrong, masculine and dependable. His assertive nature makes him the perfect partner for the luck-pushing Pollon. He likes to call himself a “Hacker Gentleman Thief”.


That’s all for now, but I’ll update again when some new stuff comes through.

– Steiner

“Science Visual Novel” Anonymous;Code – Basic Overview and Character Intros

The next released title to come from Chiyomaru and MAGES. will likely be Anonymous;Code, so I’ve decided to make a post on the title.
I’ll go over the premise, some of the characters, and what makes it separate from the instalments of the Science Adventure Series.

“Science Visual Novel” (SVN) vs “Science Adventure” (SciADV)
The mainline Science Adventure series is currently composed of the following titles:

  • Chaos;Head Noah (+ Love Chu Chu)
  • Steins;Gate (+ Zero)
  • Robotics;Notes Elite
  • Chaos;Child

The SciADV series consists of intertwining stories that share overarching themes, applications of science, and characters. They also have one shared antagonistic force; The Committee of 300. The stories are gradually building up to an inevitable joint conflict with this shadowy force that hovers over the individual titles.

Anonymous;Code, while set in the same world as the other games, is NOT a part of the Science Adventure Series, it’s a separate classification that Chiyomaru has labelled as “Science Visual Novel”, or SVN. There will be other SVN titles in the future, including Occultic;Nine. This gives Chiyomaru and the other people behind the series a chance to use the setting and expand on the world they’ve created whilst not convoluting the mainline SciADV conflict with the Committee of 300.

In short, SVN  titles will use the same world setting and have references to each other and prior titles, but will not tie in nearly as heavily with SciADV as the individual titles within that subsection do with each other.

Edit: This has now been proven false, Chiyomaru Shikura recently (as of August 2016) confirmed that SVN titles are simply a separate world entirely, and that the Science Adventure Series is a fictional game series within that world. To summarize, the people in the SVN world may have heard of or played Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate, Robotics;Notes, or Chaos;Child. But the characters in those games are just as fictional to them as they are to us.

So, now that’s established, let’s get into the specific setting of Anonymous;Code.



On the 6th of February, 2036, an event that would later be known as the Sad Morning occurs.


Due to an NTP Rollover, a large-scale computational error occurs in the guidance system of several military satellites (including the SA4D; Strategic Attack For Defense). This results in the satellites launching payloads at various important cities on Earth.
New York, Shanghai, London, Moscow, and Shinjuku are completely devastated. The total death toll from the incident is 120 million, and a further 500,000 are left injured directly in some manner.
Scientists, fearing disaster from an even greater potential computational error in the year 2038, use the supercomputer “Gaia” to run an Earth Simulation. Through use of the Arecibo Message, they manage to insert humans into the simulation as well. Unfortunately the humans within the simulation, fearing a computational error in their year 2038, use their supercomputer “Gaia” to run an Earth Simulation. The original scientists are horrified and begin to question the authenticity of their own existence.
Our story takes place in Nakano City, the year 2037, during a period of great unrest and unease.

We only have two formal profiles so far, so I will update this post as more are revealed.


Takaoka Pollon

The protagonist of our story, Takaoka Pollon. He belongs to a biker gang named “Crow”, he formed it with his friend Cross. They are a gang composed of bikers and hackers, they have a lot of shared programming knowledge. Unlike most hackers, he prioritizes emotion over logic and has a short fuse despite his lack of conceit. However, his insight and ability to concentrate during crucial moments are admirable traits.

Pollon also has the ability to “Save & Load” reality, restoring to an earlier point in time if necessary. In addition this this, he can leap up and down “World Layers”, a seemingly infinite chasm of slightly varied versions of the same world.


Aizaki Momo

A mysterious girl that Pollon meets. Innocent and calm, she always acts friendly and takes others into consideration, but sometimes she behaves bizarrely, showing little to no emotion.

This is all I have on the subject for now, but I will keep this post updated as more character profiles come through. If you have any questions, leave a comment or use my ask.fm page.

As always, thanks for reading.
– Steiner