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Anonymous;Code Update #7 – Vatican Hacker Agent, The Third Secret of Fátima & The Gaudi Code

A little late of an update this time, I was rather busy the last week. But, better late than never, translations below:


David Jesue & Rosario Rossallini – Vatican Hacker Agents

Rosario and David are hacker agents dispatched by the Vatican; the Catholic Church HQ. They’re in Japan searching for the whereabouts of the Lead Programmer who had gone missing from the Vatican. Calm, collected, and religiously zealous to a fault; they aren’t just capable hackers, they’re professional assassins as well.


The Third Secret of Fátima & The Gaudi Code

The story goes that in 1917, a small village in Portugal was blessed by an Oracle who imparted Three Secrets upon the people. But the “Third Prophecy” was censored by the Vatican and is believed by some to have never truly been made public due to the shocking revelations contained within.
Not only that, but there is also the mystery behind the Magic Square found at Gaudi’s Sagrada Família, which was set for completion by the year 2026.
Much like the Arecibo Message, these urban legends will find themselves integral to the secrets behind Anonymous;Code.

That’s all for now, I’ll try to be faster with the next update when it releases.

– Steiner


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