Time, the devourer of all things

Anonymous;Code Update #5 – GAI Computer Corporation and The Supercomputer “GAIA”



GAI Computer Corporation

An organization with influence spanning the globe,  GAI Computer Corporation is a company with a solid foundation of scientific and technological development.
The group is working on the development of the GAI Computer “GAIA”, with the prodigal boy genius hacker ASUMA (Soga Asuma) at the heart of the project.
Asuma’s two subordinates; Ewan Okuda and Graham Kingley, are currently in Nakano City with the intention to find and capture a “certain someone”.



The GAI Computer Corporation developed their Earth Simulator “GAIA” to track things such as fluctuation in weather patterns and activity of the Earth’s crust, ultimately it was a tool designed to predict the future of the Earth itself.
The digitized Earth within this simulator is said to be completely accurate down to the smallest detail. However, as our story begins, progress on the simulator has been put on hold due to the events of the Sad Morning.

That’s all for now, but there’ll undoubtedly be another update soon.

– Steiner

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