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Anonymous;Code Update #4 – Kurashina Bambi & Cyber Force Doll

Another update to the Anonymous;Code site.
Translations below:

1 (1).jpg

Kurashina Bambi

She plays the lead role among the members of the widely known unit of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Anti-Cybercrime Division, Anti-Cybercrime Branch “Cyber Force Doll”. She loves to sing, but is very clumsy despite her best efforts. An upbeat girl, she always tries to work hard and live life to her fullest.



Cyber Force Doll

A trio operating as the Metropolitan Police’s Idol Unit in charge of tackling cybercrime. When they’re not doing their police work, they’re conducting numerous public events in various places, branching out from the New Sun Plaza in Nakano City. As could be expected of a Government-founded idol unit, superficial public appeal is about the only thing they have going for them, thus they’re not quite as popular as they’re made out to be.

That’s all for now. Though I did notice even though even though the unit is written as “Cyber Force Doll”, their shoulder badges all say “SFD”. Chiyomaru Engrish strikes again, I suppose.

– Steiner

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