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Anonymous;Code Update #3 – Graper & Team Azoth

Once again, the Anonymous;Code website has updated with new details.
Translations below:



A portmanteau of “Gravity” and “Permission”, the Graper is a near-futuristic motorcycle.
Not only can it run on wheels, it can also float in the air thanks to an anti-gravity feature built into the frame. It automatically detects the surface of the road and changes its style dynamically in real-time depending on its situation. Pollon is among the most talented of all those that participate in Graper Racing in Nakano City.


Team Azoth.jpg

Team Azoth

A digital detective agency operated by Oz (Ozutani Tengen) and Nonn (Hosho Nonoka.)
Oz specializes in the diplomatic and investigative side of the operation, while the cheeky-yet-talented Nonn operates the hacking. Sometimes the two mediate the hacking of Pollon and Cross’ team, “Crow”.

That’s all for now, though there’ll likely be more soon.

– Steiner

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