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Braunian Motion of Love & Hate – Chapter 11

Here we are, after a long time, we’ve made it to the end of the Braun Manga.

Here’s the link. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride.

Now I’ll be working on either the Suzuha Darling Manga, the short story that crosses over all three SciADV titles “Tomorrow In The Box”, or whatever else I come across until Pandora is off hiatus. So, until then, sit tight.



Braunian Motion of Love & Hate – Chapter 10

Here’s the next chapter, only one to go after this one.

Nothing much more to say, so here’s the link, and I hope you enjoy it.


Braunian Motion of Love and Hate – Chapter 9

Hey, got another chapter for you guys, I’m sure this one has been long-awaited but it’s here at last thanks to a kind individual that cleaned up some problematic pages that were hindering progress. This doesn’t mean I have a cleaner/typesetter though, I still had to typeset this one myself, but I think I did a decent enough job of it.

Anyway, enough out of me, here’s the link.

I hope you enjoy it, there’ll be more to come soon,


The Truth Behind the Committee of 300

I have translated this special interview from the “SciADV 5-year Jubilee” book, it wasn’t quite what I expected, it probably won’t be quite what you expect either, but I did it anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Here’s the link.


- Steiner

Pandora of Eternal Return Update

No release, just a bit of news.

The serialization of the Pandora manga has been on a hiatus recently due to problems with the artist, Yoshida Tadasu. It seems that there were some disagreements, and a new artist by the name of Torikai Yasuyuki has been assigned to the Epigraph Trilogy, so serialization will resume shortly.


Chaos Child Prologue

Hey, it’s been a while since my last post and last release, but I’ve got something for you guys now.

It’s a special prologue chapter to Chaos;Child, it came with the SciADV 5 year Jubilee book, it’s short, but interesting.

Here is the link.



The quality of typesetting on this release isn’t so great, but that’s because my usual typesetter/cleaner is missing and presumed dead, meaning I had to do it myself and I’m not so good with this stuff. I’m currently looking for a replacement. Please contact me if you think you’re up to the job.

Regarding the Braun manga, the only thing keeping it back now is the lack of a typesetter/cleaner.

Regarding the Pandora manga, it’s presently on hiatus in Japan so there’ll be no new chapters from that until they actually release one, though the Jubilee book contained a special Pandora chapter about Kurisu and Maho first meeting each other, so I’ll translate that at some point.

Depending on whether or not I find a typesetter soon, the next release may be the Truth Behind the Committee of 300, so stay tuned.

- Steiner

Braunian Motion of Love and Hate – Chapter 8

I said I’d release it this week, and so I have.
Here’s the link.

Nothing much else to say this week, except for a small note about Chaos;Child, Delusion Triggers were confirmed to make a comeback, as well as a new system known as Mapping Triggers.


I hope you enjoy the chapter, until next time.
- Steiner


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