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Pandora of Eternal Return – Chapter 5

Terribly sorry about how long this took. I’ve been extremely busy lately and didn’t notice how fast time was flying by.

Here’s the link, I hope you enjoy reading it.

The next chapter release will be something new. A Robotics;Notes-related manga about the shared past between Senomiya Misaki and Kimijima Kou. Look forward to it, it should be out this weekend!


Pandora of Eternal Return – Chapter 4

Sorry about the delay, new chapter is right here.

Short-ish chapter this time, but finally we’re moving on in the story from where the previous artist left off.

Shouldn’t be so long a wait for the next one. Thanks for reading as always.

– Steiner

Committee of Antimatter Cancelled


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but today 5pb. has officially announced that the Committee of Antimatter Sequel Novel is no longer being worked on, and the project has been completely scrapped. While no specific reason is given, they cite various production problems as being the ultimate cause of cancellation. This is likely because of the repeated delays, rumored difficulty with the plot and the fact that the artist is currently busy with a magazine serialization.

Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do, Committee of Antimatter is now officially off the table.

– Steiner

Pandora of Eternal Return – Chapter 3 (Alternate)

Time for the next Pandora chapter.

Download it here.

As of next chapter we’ll be progressing in the story and won’t be covering ground already covered by the previous artist’s work, so look forward to that coming soon enough, I’ll try and release it soon enough, thanks for reading.

– Steiner

Pandora of Eternal Return – Chapter 2 (Alternate)

It’s that time again, time for another chapter of Pandora.

Here’s the link, not much else to say.

Oh, I got one of those Ask fm things for people to ask me about SciADV related stuff, I get e-mails from time to time asking me to clear up stuff to do with the story or explain things the anime adaptations left out since I’ve read all the VNs, so I figured this would be the easiest approach.

Thanks for reading, expect more soon.

– Steiner

Pandora of Eternal Return – Chapter 1 (Alternate)

I’ve got another release, sorry about the delay. I’ve been busy and there’ve been some issues with the typesetter.

Some of you may be confused by the fact that I’m releasing Chapter 1 of Pandora again, but I’m not.
What happened is, the manga was on a delay because the artist dropped out. They have started up the manga once again but with a different artist, he is starting the story again from scratch, so consider this an alternate take on chapter 1.

It’s not entirely the same, the dialogue and interactions differ a fair bit from the chapters you’ve already read, so it’s worth going through.

You can get that here.


Thanks for reading.

– Steiner

Loving Vows of the Future Honey – Chapter 3

Apologies for the delay, my typesetter went AWOL for a little bit. He’s back now so we should be on track again.

Here’s the third chapter out of five, you can get it here.


Thanks for reading, expect more soon.



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